Zoo for what?

Posted in 01/04/2014

Bugio Ibiuna (3)


On Friday, March 28, a team of the local Environmental Police went to Sorocaba Sanctuary with a wounded Howler Monkey. He had been rescued by some citizens and taken to a clinic for dogs, which gave first aid but were unable to keep him. Police called the Zoo of the city, which denied receiving, claiming it had no space.

This drama is daily in the country. Zoos refusing to receive species of Brazilian fauna, displaced from their natural habitat by deforestation criminal action. To which then serves a zoo that is supported with money from all of us taxpayers?

The Environmental Police has no authority to force a public entity to meet its social duty to care for our environment? Something is very wrong in the head of our local, state and federal authorities, who have turned their backs on the serious problem that happens in this continental country with the highest biodiversity on the planet.

Zoos have money to import giraffes, white tigers, gorillas, but have neither the money nor the will to host a simple little monkey, which dramatically need help?

Now, more than ever, it is necessary that all Brazilian zoos abandon their order to amuse and entertain humans and focus on saving lives and taking care of our animals, who are being annihilated by the fury of developers and contractors who see land as a source of profit and the woods as an obstacle to crave it; they concentrate on destroying trees, move hundreds of species that take refuge there and survive, frightened by the noise of crushing machines in the forests, as well as with burnings that devastate miles of wildlife.


The howler monkey that is under our care was of an area in Ibiúna, with the size of 13 football fields and is being rapidly cleared by an earthmoving company, hired by a real estate developer. Now the area is choked, but the damage is done, hundreds of animals have perished and this little howler monkey, perhaps, is the only survivor.

Pedro  A. Ynterian

President , GAP Project International


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