Why is cruelty to monkeys skyrocketing?

Posted in 19/08/2020

(Colobus Conservation)

From PASA – Pan African Sanctuaries Alliance

Last month, a lone baboon was found slowly crawling outside a hotel in Kenya. An arrow pierced through his soft fur and ribs. It missed his lungs by just an inch.

PASA member sanctuary Colobus Conservation rushed to save the baboon. They performed lifesaving surgery and nursed him back to health. Today, he’s wild and free again… but for every monkey like him that has a happy ending, there are many more in desperate need of help.

Every day that the coronavirus crisis continues, more apes and monkeys are being hunted, tortured, and brutally killed at the hands of humans. The sanctuary told me that they are responding to about 15 animal cruelty cases like this one each month.

What’s the link between the pandemic and cruelty to primates? Here’s the truth:

With the sudden loss of revenue from tourism, many people in Kenya are forced to turn to illegal activities that harm wildlife – like hunting and the pet and bushmeat trades – to make a living.

Farmers also resent primates for eating crops, especially when times are tough. They see the monkeys as pests. This can lead to inhumane treatment, like trapping, stoning, and burning monkeys alive.

Like other sanctuaries, Colobus Conservation has been financially devastated by the pandemic. Food and medical care for their rescued animals must be their top priority. PASA is working with them to provide emergency funding, but it’s just not enough. Colobus Conservation had to scale back their rescue program, despite the growing number of violent acts against primates.

Making matters worse, their community education program has been put on hold. They’re unable to teach people that baboons and other primates are intelligent creatures worth treating with respect.  

Colobus Conservation depends on you to save every ape and monkey in need. Each day that the pandemic continues, more primates urgently need to be saved from horrific treatment… and no one knows how long this will last.

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