“When I’m 64”

Posted in 01/03/2023

YouTube - Save the Chimps

Beautiful campaign by Save the Chimps Sanctuary @savethechimps in Florida, USA.

Enjoy a heartwarming video featuring our residents and @thebeatles’ “When I’m Sixty-Four,” donated by McCartney @paulmccartney.

 “Most people don’t realize chimpanzees can live into their sixties, thus their lifelong care at sanctuaries is a costly commitment. I was happy to donate “When I’m Sixty-Four” to Save the Chimps’ new fundraising campaign, as nearly half of the 200+ rescued chimps they look after are seniors,” McCartney shares.

The heartwarming 30-second musical spot features many of our senior residents, including our oldest chimp, Emily, age 58. Chimps endure many of the same aging ailments as humans, including arthritis and heart disease, for which our vet team devises personalized treatments for Emily and our other seniors.

To watch the video, know more and make your donation, click here

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