USA: Our beloved chimpanzee Connor – 1995-2022

Posted in 23/09/2022

Connor (CGA)

By Center for Great Apes Sanctuary

“To our CGA Members and Supporters,

Sadly, I have heartbreaking news to share with you. Connor, our 27-year-old chimpanzee who arrived from Missouri over a year ago, passed away last week.

After showing signs of sudden illness a few weeks ago, a series of veterinary diagnostic tests and reports determined the cause of his illness as bladder cancer as well as heart disease. Our staff stayed with Connor around the clock, day and night….and Connie, his former owner who raised him in Missouri, flew down to be here with him in his final days.

Connor was a precious chimpanzee… full of love and kindness. He actively played with all his toys (especially his “jolly ball” and his “slinky”) and loved running in his grassy habitat inviting anyone nearby to games of “chase”.

In Missouri where he was born, he lived in a group with his older sister Candy and his companions Tammy and Tonka. When they moved to Florida, Tonka did not come with his group, so Connor lived here with Candy and Tammy and was beginning to join another small group from Missouri – Kerry, Mikayla, and Chloe.

Tammy and Candy were very devoted to Connor. When he began to show signs of distress and illness, both females sat very close to him grooming and comforting him. Lying in her nest of blankets next to her brother, Candy kept her face very close to Connor’s face while Tammy patted him on his head. They knew something was not right with Connor.

Our focus now is helping Candy and Tammy get through this time of grief as they clearly miss their beloved Connor.

Connor was very loved his entire life, and many are now grieving his loss.

With gratitude for the time we had with Connor being part of our CGA family.”

Patti Ragan, Founding Director


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