UN asks for Blackie’s transfer to GAP Sanctuary

Posted in 25/11/2014


GAP Project  received a letter (PDF bellow)  from UN/GRASP – Great Ape Survival Partnership addressed to the Mayor ot Sorocaba city,  Antonio Carlos Pannunzio, asking for the transfer of chimpanzee Blackie, who lives at the city zoo, to Sorocaba Sanctuary, affiliated to GAP.

Doug Cress, GRASP Programme Coordinator, wrote: ” GRASP is committed to ensuring the long-term survival of great apes and their habitat in Africa and Asia, but the welfare of captive apes around the world is also an important part of our work. GRASP supports the transfer of Blackie to the GAP-Brazil sanctuary, and can vouch for the GAP Brazil sanctuary as a world-class facility.”

Considering this international support for the action, we believe that the Mayor no longer has doubts and decide for the integration of Blackie with other 55 chimpanzees, who live only 20 km away from him at the Sanctuary.

Blackie letter 2014

Dr. Pedro A. Ynterian

President, GAP Project International