Toti’s mental state is in danger

Posted in 30/04/2014

Toti (divulgación)

In a report sent to Argentine Justice, Vania Ynterian, leader of GAP Project International , who is visiting the country, warns that Toti’s mental state is rapidly deteriorating .

Vania met Toti two years ago, when she visited the Representative of GAP Project in Argentina,  Alejandra Juarez, and her Sanctuary of Carayá monkeys species in Cordovan mountains , home to howler monkeys. Toti lived in Cordoba and Alejandra visited the Zoo frequently.

Toti lies isolated in a room with no privacy, dome shaped, where he cannot move or run. Is most of the time he keeps lying ignoring the world and the people who eventually visit Bubalcó Zoo, located in southern Argentina and very little sought by the public.

According to comments she made ​​to Argentine press , there is no sense in keeping Toti in these conditions , only by personal vanity and arrogance of humans.

If they continue to hold Toti isolated in that inappropriate site it can generate a worsening of his mental problems , from which he already suffers , and develop mental illnesses difficult to reverse.

Dr. Pedro A. Ynterian

President , GAP Project International