Posted in 24/07/2008

On June 13th, Buckshire Corporation delivered the last seven chimpanzees owned by the company to the Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest, in Washington, after many years of lab cages and submission to the most absurd experiences.

Annie, Negra, Missy, Jody, Jamie, Burrito and Foxie are going to enjoy their first summer with sun, outside the scary cages and free from the artificial climatized air of the laboratory. The Sanctuary is preparing rapidly the housing facilities, specially the outside area, which will allow these traumatized beings to experiment a fair life with no fear of a needle handled by a person who had never had compassion for them or their suffering.

The first days at the Sanctuary were full of joy and surprises, because of the large number of toys received from a lot of organizations that support the Sanctuary. Foxie fell in love with a doll and during a few days could not walk around without her. Negra has done a nest with a lot of blankets in front of the door, from where she could see human friends crossing around, and took with her two useful toys: one pair of binoculars and a periscope. She wanted to see as much as she could of this new life that was offered to her and her friends.