Support Sanctuary Center for Great Apes after hurricane Ian direct hit

Posted in 05/10/2022

Chimpanzee Noelle sleeps through the hurricane in her comfy nest

From Center for Great Apes

We received a direct hit from Hurricane Ian. All of the apes and staff are safe, but the grounds will need significant clean up.

A few of the big oak trees, pines, and bamboo have come down along with some perimeter fences, but most of the damage is from flooding, limbs down, and debris.

The sanctuary does not have power, water, or phone service as of right now, but we have generators running a short time to give us water to clean.

While our apes are safe they are still stuck inside their nighthouses until the debris is cleared from their outdoor habitats.

We only have a skeleton staff crew since some of our staff can’t get to us because of closed roads and flooding. However, the staff here have worked hard to clear paths and ape enclosures.

Some of the damages to the Sanctuary

Hurricane Ian hit us about 2 weeks before our biggest fundraising day of the year– Giving Day for Apes. If you would like to help the sanctuary with hurricane aftermath repairs and replanting Giving Day for Apes is next Tuesday, October 11th, and your donation on THAT DAY will help us to repair the sanctuary and also potentially earn additional prize money!

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