Study shows chimpanzees have very personal perception of rhythm

Posted in 12/09/2022


Scientists followed a group of Waibira chimpanzees in the western forest of Budongo, Uganda, recording and analyzing the touches of seven males.

Inflating their chests, with a guttural cry and holding an instrument, chimpanzees perform a drum roll using the thick roots of trees in a Ugandan forest, creating their own rhythms, revealed the study “The form and function of chimpanzee buttress drumming”, published on Tuesday ( 6/9) in Animal Behavior Journal.

The highlights of the study are:

•Chimpanzees produce low-frequency sounds by drumming on buttress roots of trees.

•Drumming is used across contexts with apparently long- and short-distance functions.

•Chimpanzee drums encode individual signatures in travel events but not in displays.

•Patterns of production suggest drumming coordinates fission–fusion dynamics.

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