Save the Chimps: Check an amazing aerial view of the sanctuary

Posted in 08/04/2019

(Save the Chimps)

From Save the Chimps

We are happy to share the news that we met our $25,000 goal for the 2019 Golf Cart Campaign. Thanks to many generous donors, we have the funds to purchase 10 gently used golf carts to replace one-third of our fleet. These carts are coming off of their initial lease from a golf course and are in excellent shape. We will be taking delivery in the very near future and will let you know when they arrive!

And, thanks to some creative thinking and generous spirit, we also have leads on future carts and one donated cart that we are picking up tomorrow from a wonderful individual donor in Florida. Our supporters are the best!

These carts help cover the ground we need to reach the chimps. And it’s a lot of ground to cover! Want to see for yourself?

Aerial Video of Save the Chimps – Home to Nearly 250 Chimpanzees