Sandra’s first three weeks at CGA

Posted in 26/11/2019

Sandra (CGA)

From Center for Great Apes – CGA

Sandra continues to explore and investigate her new surroundings as she is peacefully settling in to her new home. She’s very friendly to her caregivers and involves herself in new enrichment activities each day. She loves to wash her toys, her hands, and anything she thinks needs cleaning. Sandra makes beautiful nests with her blankets and leaves each night – sometimes up high in the 40-foot tall cupola, and on colder nights inside her heated nighthouse.  Sandra is a healthy eater, and we have not found anything yet that she doesn’t like!

Many ask us if Sandra has found an orangutan companion here yet. Well, that depends on the orangutans’ timetable, not ours. Several orangutans (male and female) have walked over through the aerial trailways to see Sandra in her habitat. For the most part, Sandra has been curious and calm with these visual meetings. The next step will be when Sandra is ready to approach “someone” in the aerial trails where she can get closer and touch through a mesh door.  So far she still moves away from other individuals which tells us she is not ready for that next step yet.  We are looking forward to Sandra letting us know who she wants to meet and when she’s ready!