Sandra must be transferred to North American Sanctuary

Posted in 29/01/2015


According to the latest information received, Sandra, a female orangutan who lives in Buenos Aires Zoo and managed to be released to be transferred to a sanctuary through a Habeas Corpus filed on her behalf, can go, in a few months, for Center for Great Apes Sanctuary. in Wauchula, Florida, USA, which has an orangutan community with individuals who also xame from the entertainment world.

Buenos Aires Zoo, regardless of the Habeas Corpus, and the Government of Buenos Aires Province are already decided to send her to a sanctuary. GAP Sorocaba Sanctuary, in Sorocaba, Brazil, itself suggested sending her to the North-American Sanctuary, where there is a large community of her kind, as this can help her a lot to adapt to her new home.

The bureaucratic proceeding, which implies permissions of Argentina and United States, is time consuming, but will start in the coming days.

Dr. Pedro A. Ynterian

President, GAP Project International