Posted in 30/07/2008

After living together for more than two weeks, both the mother Katy, 19 years old, and his son Rocky, 3, have been adapting very well to share the same space. Although they are mother and son, they had never lived together before. So, Katy has to get accustomed to Rocky\’s hiperactivity, who keeps jumping and playing all the time.

Dr. Rob Shumaker, Director of the Orangutans Programme of Iowa Sanctuary, affirms that "Katy has been collaborating a lot and is very calm in the commom life with Rocky. There has been no sign of agression during all this time." And he adds: "I try not to analyse orangutans with a general view, because you have always to consider each individual. But among the females, there are ones who are not opened to accept a 3 year-old baby around them."

About the future work with Rocky, Shumaker says: "we have to be very realistic about the work with Rocky now. He is only 3 years old and we can not wait for him to do things that he is not able to." And ends: "phisically, he is very developed, but mentally, he is still a baby."

About Katy\’s case, Shumaker refers to her "as an extremely active and extraordinary individual",  and expects that she will collaborate a lot with the scientists. "Katy has a backgound of cognitive tests, but she had to learn a lot of things in her life in the entertainment industry. We are very interested to see how this previous experience is going to impact the cognition tasks we are going to give her from now on", he says.
Nowadays, the three orangutans who live in the sanctuary are not together with Katy and Rocky, but they see each other from distance. It seems that the male Azy, 30 years old, is interested in having Rocky as his friend for playing around, because he is rounded today only be females.