Who is responsible?

Posted in 31/07/2014

G1 PR Cascavel


A new accident happened in a Brazilian Zoo, in a city called Cascavel. An 11 year old boy who had access easily to the cages of big cats ended causing a tiger, who hurt his arm, which later had to be amputated.


Who is responsible? The boy’s father was arrested for abandoning his child, as he saw what was happening and did nothing. But the real guilt is of those ones who run this zoo, and the City Administration, which maintains it but does not inspect the activities.


The leaders of Zoos know the dangerousness of these big cats, like other animals that are kept as prisoners, as they are quite troubled by the conditions of life they lead.


Security measures should be rigorous and the public should be kept away from the fences and enclosures.


The day those who control these arrests of innocent animals for public entertainment are severely punished for irresponsibility, these accidents won’t happen again.


Dr. Pedro A. Ynterian


President, GAP Project International

(in Portuguese)