Posted in 17/07/2008

Rocky, 3 years old, and his mother Katy arrived at Iowa Sanctuary on July 12th, after a long trip from Los Angeles. These first pair of orangutans are part of a group of six that will get together with the other three orangutans who live in the sanctuary already.

These two orangutans used to belong to Steve and Donna Martin, who have a business of trainning and renting of wild animals to films and advertising companies in California. The decision of both trainners of giving the orangutans to Iowa Sanctuary is the beginning of a long way to end with the use of great primates in the entertainment industry in Hollywood.

Recently, primatologist Jane Goodall and a group of renomed scientists made a public request asking that the cinema and advertising industry of the United States stop the exploitation of Great Primates, who are strongly hurt when trainned to do this type of work.
When he was preparing to take the orangutans to the sanctuary, Steve Martin declared: "I am convinced that they will have a marvellous home and the opportunity to socialize with others of their kind".
Doug Cress, vice-president of NGO Orangutans Conservancy, from Portland, and PASA Executive-Director, also declared: "This kind of business is something from the past and this decision sends a very clear message to film producers: our world is smart and has compassion enough to know that you should never more use this beings".