Posted in 06/11/2008


Hollywood and show business artist in Las Vegas, Popi, a 37 year-old female orangutan, is the third primate in a group of eight that still used to work that retires. She worked with Clint Eastwood in the 1980 movie "Any Which Way You Can" and now meets partners from different origins in Great Ape Trust of Iowa Sanctuary.


This well-known orangutan called attention, more than a lot of humans could, for her ability to interpret. She used to work with Steve Martin and his wife, who dedicated many years of their lives to supply the entertainment world with trained primates. Martin family realized that we are living in different times and was convinced that the exploitation of these marvelous beings was not possible – or convenient – and voluntarily delivered them to the sanctuary, where they will be integrated with the other ones who live there.


Dr. Rob Shumaker, director of behavior and cognitive intelligence of the orangutans in the sanctuary, declared: "Popi is a sweet orangutan, kind and gentle, really incredible". And added: "Popi lost 30 years of her life in the entertainment industry and has a unique experience and knowledge, which is unusual in the orangutans I know in United States". And continues: "The major impact, in my opinion, is about the way she is going to behave in this new phase, after having a very dynamic life that obliged her to participate of two shows per night, to travel and to change from one environment to another constantly".