PASA turns 20!

Posted in 17/09/2020


For 20 years, PASA has been racing against time to save endangered primate species

From PASA – Pan African Sanctuary Alliance

In the year 2000, orphaned chimps, gorillas, and monkeys had little hope of survival when their mothers were killed for bushmeat or when they were captured as part of the illegal pet trade. Individual rescue centers were often overwhelmed by the number of animals who needed to be saved.

These rescue groups joined forces, and 20 years later are stronger than ever. We are PASA, an alliance of rescue centers working together! We’re called the Pan African Sanctuary Alliance because we span the continent of Africa. With you as our partner, we’ve rescued thousands of great apes and monkeys. 

Now it’s 2020 and we’re facing a global pandemic and mass extinction. It’s crucial that you continue to give food and expert care to animals. We’ve come so far in 20 years. Can you give a special $20 monthly gift to save animals in the next 20 years?

Watch this special video celebrating 20 years of PASA