PASA/Africa: Ten-Year Action Plan for Western Chimpanzees

Posted in 08/08/2020


From PASA – Pan African Sanctuaries Alliance

Despite the tremendous challenges of this year, we’re thrilled to share this encouraging news with you: a ten-year action plan for critically endangered western chimpanzees was just released, developed by many partners including the IUCN (a worldwide conservation organization), PASA, and our member sanctuaries in West Africa. The plan is a promising step towards global collaboration to protect these incredible animals, and it can’t have come at a better time: over the past two decades, the number of chimpanzees in West Africa has declined by more than 80%. Immediate and concerted action backed by local, national, and international support is vital to saving these animals from extinction.

We’re proud that PASA and our member sanctuaries in the region have essential roles as implementers of several of the plan’s strategies and are an integral part of the conservation solutions. Discover how we’re defending western chimpanzees here.

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