PASA/Africa: See new behind the stage footage and support the apes sanctuaries work

Posted in 21/11/2018

Helping animals helps people too! (PASA)


PASA – Pan African Sanctuary Alliance is the largest alliance of wildlife centers in Africa, with 23 pioneering member organizations in 13 countries.

This year, many PASA member wildlife centers have seen a sudden increase in the number of chimpanzees they rescue – a sign that smuggling is on the rise. But, this year a lot of people together made it possible to save Mussa, Tita, Nana, and countless other baby chimpanzees from the poachers who viciously killed their mothers and families.

Their incredible rescues are made possible by partners support and the dedication of PASA members across 13 African countries. All the great apes and monkeys at PASA member sanctuaries are given loving rehabilitative care and the chance to live the peaceful lives they deserve. But, did you know that PASA is so much more than our rescue efforts? Watch a video here.

We stop poaching and habitat destruction by working with law enforcement and helping communities build alternative livelihoods that free them from the cycle of the wildlife trade.

The Alliance employs over 500 African staff and infuses millions of dollars into local economies. And, we use innovative and empowering education programs to inspire millions of children across Africa to protect chimpanzees. Helping animals helps people too!

Our members are leaders in primate rescues–yes–but they are also pioneering new ways to defend wildlife and their forest homes from the threats that press them on all sides.


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