PASA/Africa: Monkeys Need Food During COVID-19

Posted in 03/04/2020

Photo Credit: Kyle Salazar

From PASA – Pan African Sanctuaries Alliance

We can’t believe how much the world has changed in just a few weeks. COVID-19 has touched every corner of the globe, and it has been devastating to PASA member sanctuaries.

The effects of this pandemic are hitting Vervet Monkey Foundation (VMF) in South Africa particularly hard. Travel bans and quarantine restrictions meant that all volunteers at the sanctuary had to immediately go home. Incoming volunteers were forced to cancel their trips.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of the sanctuary, providing essential daily care for the monkeys and steady revenue for the foundation. In a matter of days, income dropped dramatically and caregiver support was slashed, leaving hundreds of vervet monkeys completely vulnerable.

Within a couple of weeks, the sanctuary has lost all but two volunteers. With no revenue coming in, the sanctuary needs your help more than ever before.

The most urgent need is food and medical care for the monkeys. VMF looks after hundreds of sick, orphaned, and rescued monkeys. These animals need fresh produce, such as spinach, lentils, and sunflower seeds, 365 days a year.

During this unprecedented emergency, VMF is gravely worried about providing food for over 500 rescued monkeys. They also desperately need medical supplies for the sick, injured, and abused monkeys they rescue.

Here is the truth:

Your donation today will help to make sure each and every monkey gets enough to eat and has access to medical treatment during lockdown. We can’t let any animals go hungry. If you can afford to donate today, you will help secure the food supply until the crisis ends. Every donation counts.

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