Posted in 15/08/2008

São Paulo, August 14th, 2008

Mr. Otto Sothen
Pepsico Brazil President

Dear President Sothen,

In a world where the big corporations are more and more concerned with the environment, investing in ways to reduce atmosphere pollution and enrich biodiversity preservation, it is nonsense to sponsor a TV commercial to be broadcasted on the main TV channels during the prime time that gives the bad example of using a chimpanzee to sell your products.

Recently, Jane Goodall, UN Embassor for the Protection of Nature and one of the most important primatologists of the world, asked, together with other international recognized scientists, that the world stop with the use of Great Primates in commercials and entertainment programs, considering that this is a terrible example to young people.

On this exact moment, when there is a global outcry aiming to end with the use of Great Primates, our closest relatives on the Animal Kingdom, who have 99,4% of our DNA, the same blood and a commom ancestor with human beings, Pepsico uses a chimpanzee to try to sell and promote its products, with no need of it.

We kindly ask that this respected company put an end on the broadcasting of this TV marketing campaign that uses a chimpanzee and join the group of companies that are committed with the challenge of a fair world, where the weak, the animals, have the respect and compassion that they deserve.

Best wishes,

Dr. Pedro A. Ynterian
Director of GAP Project International