Posted in 07/08/2008

According to the 1980\’s calculation, there were about 100.000 lowland gorillas on Central and Ocidental Africa. It was estimated that this population was droping rapidly due to Ebola virus and bushmeating.
But in a recent study released at a scientific event at Edinburgh, in Scotland, the number of gorillas free in the wild was revaluated and now the estimation is that it is near 200.000. The research was made in new areas that were not acessed by men yet, because there are a lot ot logistic difficulties.

A recount made with the number of nests done by gorillas to sleep resulted in this new result, according to Emma Stokes, who was in the reseach expedition. The researcher also informed that the 4 subspecies of gorillas continue to be endangered, or critically endangered of extinction. The new number gives a little bit of hope, but "we can not be complacent. Ebola can kill thousands of them in a very short period."