Posted in 29/07/2008

Martha is 13 years old and spent two years locked in a small cage at Kumasi Zoo, in Ghana. Before that she was at Accra Zoo, which was locked in 2006. Martha was depressed and abandoned and now she has hope and a new life forward. Eden Sanctuary, in South Africa, founded her a space and she is already there, in quarantine, waiting to join the other 20 chimpanzees who live there and had come from Angola, Sudan, Mozambique and other african countries.

Eden Sanctuary is the most new african sancturay, and it is affiliated to Jane Goodall Institute and had been accepted as a PASA member on 2007.

Doug Cress, PASA Executive Director, declared, when he announced the transfer of Martha to Eden Sanctuary, "unfortunately, Martha\’s story is commom nowadays, not only in Africa, but also in other parts of the world. There are chimpanzees languishing in zoos at Egypt, Ivory Coast, Chile, Thailand, Spain and in many others places, and PASA Sanctuaries are not able to give shelter to everyone of them."

Martha\’s transfer was achieved as a result of a energetic campaign of many organizations, leaded by Mona Foundation, from the UK, and with the collaboration of Jane Goodall Institute, PASA and Ghana Wildlife Service Departament.