July 14th: World Chimpanzee Day

Posted in 14/07/2021

July 14th is WORLD CHIMPANZEE DAY. The date was created by the Jane Goodall Institute to celebrate this very special species, the closest relatives of man in the animal world.

CHIMPANZEES in the wild are threatened, mainly due to the destruction of their habitat and hunting for illegal activities. In captivity, many have already suffered (and some still do) in inappropriate situations, such as experiments in medical laboratories, entertainment activities, unprepared zoos, etc.

To reverse this situation, we still have a lot of information, awareness and field work (rehabilitation) to do. And the participation of everyone, each one doing their part, is essential.

GAP Project Brazil has a very special bond with CHIMPANZEES. They were the ones who inspired the beginning of the work to defend the rights of great apes a little over 20 years ago, giving visibility to the cause in Brazil and joining efforts with several international projects.

In addition, 78 CHIMPANZEES now live in the 4 affiliated Sanctuaries, whose objective is to provide the best possible quality of life for animals in captivity. Another 30 were also cared for in the Sanctuaries in the last two decades, but they have already left us…

Most residents of Brazilian Sanctuaries were rescued from situations of abuse, arriving with trauma and very debilitated. Fortunately, the dedication of the entire team ensures that the before and after of these CHIMPANZEES are always a success, serving as an inspiration for us to move forward and, who knows, maybe one day celebrate that Sanctuaries don’t need to exist anymore.

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