Help Monro and Lily

Posted in 05/09/2018

Lily (PASA)

From PASA – Pan African Sanctuaries Alliance

Standing for sale in the middle of a crowded market, little Monro was alone and terrified. Overwhelmed by frightening voices and smells, he cried desperately for the mother who was murdered in front of his eyes.

His captors had cruelly tied a rope around his little waist so tight that it cut through his fur and skin day after day.

When 15-month old Monro was rescued from his living nightmare, he was brought to Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary, a PASA member sanctuary in Sierra Leone. This suffering infant was starving and catatonic when he arrived at the wildlife center. The compassionate care he received from the center’s staff have helped him begin to heal. Now Monro is full of energy and zest for life!

12-month old baby Lily was rescued and brought to Tacugama when a concerned community member reported her abuse to authorities. She is physically healthy now, but she will always carry the scars from being orphaned by poachers as they brutally murdered her mother in front of her.

Thankfully, Lily has a good appetite. She has learned that her caregivers will make sure that she never goes hungry again. Lily is making progress, but she still suffers from the terrible trauma she endured. Her caregivers are working with her every day to help Lily feel less shy and withdrawn. She may need a long time and a lot of care to feel safe in her new home.

A place to heal and grow

Lily and Monro are just two of many orphans who recently arrived at the sanctuary. Tacugama is committed to giving these babies the safe, fulfilling lives they deserve, after the horrors they experienced.

To ensure that the chimps have everything they need, Tacugama is pioneering a new design and working to build three new enclosures connected by a tunnel system that will help them meet one another when the time is right. The expertise of wildlife center staff and your support will make it possible for these three infants to live in larger enclosures, alleviating congestion at the Sanctuary and providing a vibrant habitat that will incorporate a variety of improvements, including activities that mirror the chimps’ forest home.

Lily and Monro urgently need your help. With you as our partner, we can build a bright future for these precious survivors. With a new home, we can make sure that these orphans will no longer suffer.

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