Help Lucie celebrate 20 years wild and free!

Posted in 29/01/2020

Lucie (PASA)

From PASA – Pan African Sanctuaries Alliance

Lucie was a tiny one-month-old chimpanzee clinging to her mom in the Congolese forests. Poachers invaded their quiet, secluded home and viciously murdered her mother. The smugglers pried Lucie away so they could butcher Lucie’s mom for bushmeat. They tied Lucie up and took her to a market to sell her as a pet.

Aliette Jamart, the founder of HELP Congo, rescued Lucie and brought her to the sanctuary in 1990. If Lucie had not been saved, she would likely have spent her life behind bars as an illegal pet or in a dilapidated zoo.

Thanks to the loving, rehabilitative care Lucie received at HELP Congo, she recovered from her physical and emotional trauma and joined a chimpanzee family. Staff worked hard to help Lucie learn the skills she needed to return to the forest. In 2000, Lucie and her family were reintroduced to the wild.

This year, Lucie turns 30, including the 20 years she has been wild and free! She has one 14-year-old son, Kissiwu, who is still with her, and she is pregnant again.

Lucie is just one of many chimps that HELP Congo has returned to the forests in Congo. To protect these endangered animals, HELP Congo ensures eco guards patrol the national park and staff monitor the health of the released chimps.


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