Help Enrich Yvette’s Life

Posted in 28/09/2020

Ivette (Save the Chimps)

From Save the Chimps Sanctuary

My name is Yvette and Save the Chimps is currently fundraising for new climbing structures on my island home, through their Giving Day for Apes campaign!

I was born in Africa in approximately 1965 and spent over three decades being used as a breeder for laboratories, while being used in medical research in between births. In 2000 I became part of a small group of middle-aged females. When us high-spirited ladies first met there was a bit of drama and they needed a mediator. I brought a calmness to the situation and was described as the “go between girl.”

This is when I met my best friend Mandy and formed a friendship that brought both of us incredible joy and companionship over the years. I shared my food and enrichment with her and sharing is not a common characteristic for a chimpanzee, but it was so much more. We were inseparable. We were among the 266 chimpanzees rescued by Save the Chimps in 2002 and migrated to Florida in March 2011 where we spent our days exploring our beautiful island home and basking in the Florida sun together. We were often spotted watching the sunset together and at bedtime, we made fluffy nests and slept side by side every night. Sadly, Mandy passed away in 2016. The group seemed to know I was grieving and many of the boys were extra kind to me. Kendra, a young girl who adored Mandy and followed her everywhere, stayed close to me and transferred much of that affection toward me. The support meant a lot to me while I grieved the loss of my best friend.

I am a respected matriarch who provides guidance and comfort to many of the boys in the group. This is especially true for my relationship with Seve, a male who has struggled with a difficult past. When’s he’s feeling agitated, he will seek me out for comfort and solace. My soothing presence while I groom him can prevent him from escalating into self-abuse when he is experiencing extreme stress. I am also strong and have no problem stepping up and putting the boys in line when they need it. Drama seems to be a daily occurrence in chimp life and I will definitely express my opinion about the situation. I’m happy to be spending my golden years surrounded by the companionship of my chimpanzee family, the loving daily care by staff, and the freedom to choose how I would like to spend my days.

Help Enrich Yvette’s Life

Help us enrich the lives of Yvette and her family with new platform structures offering plenty of shade and more vertical space. Vertical space is essential for chimpanzees. The arboreal course, or presence of tall tree-like climbing structures, in the living environment of captive chimpanzees can emulate the lifestyle that they would experience in the wild. With your help, we can give Yvette and her family this wonderful opportunity!

Donate today to give Yvette this opportunity

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