Help Cozy and other chimps and primates

Posted in 05/12/2019

Cozy loves to relax in the sun with his friend Joao, another rescued chimp (PASA)

From PASA – Pan African Sanctuaries Alliance

We cannot imagine the terrible suffering Cozy endured for the first 10 years of his life. He was bred in a lab in the U.S. and subjected to horrific medical experiments. After the lab no longer wanted him, he was sold as a pet and taken to Italy.

Although it’s hard to imagine, his life in Italy was even worse than the lab. He was forced to pose for photos and do tricks to entertain people. He was frequently beaten so viciously that he now has permanent brain damage.

When his owner died, Cozy was forced to live in a tiny cage for years. He could barely turn around! We are so grateful that he was rescued by Chimp Eden, a PASA member in South Africa. When he was freed from the cage, he was so weak that he couldn’t even walk or climb. Thanks to the compassionate care he is receiving at Chimp Eden, Cozy’s health has steadily improved, but he still struggles to learn how to behave like a chimpanzee.

We are pleased to inform that Cozy now has a chimp family! Even though his brain damage makes it hard for him to communicate with them, he is fully accepted by the other rescued chimps at Chimp Eden, and together they are living happily in sprawling natural enclosures.

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