Health reports of chimpanzee Black at the zoo show he was treated due to stress and coprophagia

Posted in 01/11/2019

Black and Dolores (GAP)

Health reports of chimpanzee Black, who was transferred from a zoo to Great Apes Sanctuary of Sorocaba on May this year show the treatments he had been submitted to during the period he lived at the zoo.  The information was posted by news portal G1, which had access to the reports dated from 1981 to 2019. 

In 2012, for instance, he needed to be medicated due to stress and ended up eating his own feces (coprophagia) in 2013, which was explained in the report as “a possible abnormal behavior due to solitude and stress”.  A series of health exames on the 1980’s registered that Black had moments of “being a little sad” and with a “running nose”. On the 2000’s there were episodes of diarrhea, flu symptoms and anxiety.

On April 2019, a vet report indicated Black had glomerular nephropathy,  a chronic and degenerative disease that could lead to death. The sanctuary did the same exams as the zoo, in the same lab, and they did not indicate any problem related to his kidneys. 

Black arrived at the sanctuary on May and since them his health status has been being monitored and he presented no issues. On the contrary, he made great during the quarantine and since September  has been living very well with Dolores, a female chimp, which make his routine active and distressfull – he is not alone anymore and is not exposed to public visitation.

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