Happy Father’s Day to Humans and Apes!

Posted in 15/06/2020

Archie kisses her daughter, Cahaya (CGA)

From Center for Great Apes (CGA)

In June around Father’s Day, we like to acknowledge our own great ape fathers who in the past (before coming to the CGA sanctuary) have sired offspring. Several of those offspring have ended up at the sanctuary, and a few have been reunited with their fathers (like Kodua with her father Ripley). Other fathers here are Jethro, Ripley, Bo, and Joe – especially 48-year old Joe who has four offspring here (Murray, Jacob, Jonah, and Ellie)… and one grandson (Bentley)!

This year, we have a new father on grounds even though he’s an accidental and unplanned father. Little teenage Archie is the sire of infant Cahaya (Sunshine’s surprise baby). Initially apprehensive of how he would act around the new infant, we’ve been delighted to witness his gentle and caring relationship with little Cahaya.

The first time he touched her (at about two weeks old), he was nervous and even had a bit of a temper tantrum when Sunshine pushed him away. But with patience (and spending time grooming Sunshine) he has gradually gained her permission and confidence to not only touch the baby, but to hold her on occasion. While mother Sunshine holds Cahaya 90% of the day at this point, Archie hovers waiting for his opportunity to interact… and is gradually becoming a “dad”.

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