Gorillas test positive for COVID 19 in North American zoo

Posted in 13/09/2021

Ozzie (Zoo Atlanta)

This weekend, the Atlanta Zoo, in the United States, reported that 13 individuals from the group of 20 gorillas tested positive for coronavirus. Among them it’s Ozzie, a 60-year-old silver-back male, who is the oldest captive gorilla in the world.

The tests were carried out after the zoo team noticed that the gorillas were coughing and with nasal discharge, in addition to having no appetite. It is believed that a caregiver, who was already vaccinated, could have transmitted the virus to the animals.

The gorillas are being monitored and cared for and after their recovery they will receive Zoetis, the COVID 19 vaccine developed especially for animals. In addition to the other gorillas, other animals in the zoo are being carefully tested and monitored.

Although there already have been records of cases of humans transmitting the virus to animals, there is still no evidence that the opposite happens. Therefore, until more is known about COVID 19 and the real risk of human-animal-human transmission, and the effects that the disease may have on great apes and other animals, prevention measures and contact restriction should continue to be put in place.

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