Gorilla Bua Noi, one of the saddest of the world. Help spread the word against this absurd!

Posted in 05/01/2023

Female gorilla Bua Noi (photo), captured in the wild when she was one year old, an orangutan and several other animals are examples of the most archaic concept of a zoo that we unfortunately still encounter in the year 2023. They have been living for decades at Pata Zoo, a rooftop zoo in a shopping mall (what????!!!!) in Bangkok, Thailand.

Despite years of effort from several organizations willing and able to make the transfer of Bua Noi to a sanctuary possible, as well as the other animals, campaigns and appeals from celebrities like singer Cher and actress Gillian Anderson in favor of her freedom, the gorilla “owner” is resistant. In the last news released at the end of the year it was even announced a minimum price of £ 700 thousand to allow the gorilla to go to a sanctuary.

What we can do at this moment is to continue denouncing all this nonsense and reinforce the chorus against the support of this kind of prison. Visiting zoos like this one is to be accomplice of this crime against the gorilla and all the other animals that live imprisoned.

The organization Free the Wild @ftwglobal is one of the organizations that are fighting for the freedom of Bua Noi and the other animals. On their Instagram bio is a link to sign the petition for her freedom.

More information can also be seen in the links below:

Get informed, comment on this content and share it with your network. All pressure against this kind of absurd practice is necessary and welcome.