GAP Project Spain / International launches campaign “Great Apes – Living World Heritage”

Posted in 11/11/2015

November, 11, 2015: Anyone who believes that the four species of great non-human primates – chimpanzees, gorillas, orangutans and bonobos – help to tell the story of humanity and hold intelligence and sensitivity that justify that their basic rights are respected can help, with a click, to officially recognize these animals as Living World Heritage.

Great Ape Project International (GAP), led by its representation in Spain – Proyecto Gran Simio (PGS), is launching the international campaign Great Apes – Living World Heritage. The idea is to get as many signatures as possible, both through formal letters signed as through site (check the information on how to get action bellow) , to present a petition to UNESCO – United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization asking for recognition of the title to great  primates.

“Since its founding 21 years ago, GAP Project has never abandoned its goal: to make human societies in all corners of the planet recognize that the great apes are an integral part of the genus Homo, as we humans,” says Pedro Ynterian, president of GAP Project International.

“Consider them as Living World Heritage does not mean that we are their owners, or that they are at our disposal. It means protecting them exactly from the possession of the human being. We have a great responsibility toward all living beings and ecosystems that exist on our planet and, consequently, with our evolutionary brothers we have an obligation to ensure that they continue their way and are not mistreated, “affirms  Pedro Pozas Terrados, executive director of GAP Project Spain.