Posted in 07/08/2006

During a meeting held in Madrid, last 30 July, historical decisions were taken to convert the GAP Project into a more truly INTERNATIONAL movement, that would better reach the entire world and every country. The most important decisions approved by unanimous vote were: 1) The International Direction Board of GAP Project will be integrated by representatives from the six areas of the world that will run operations: USA/ Canada, Latin America, European Community of Nations, Africa, Asia and Australia/ New Zeland. 2) The Direction Board will have as President, Ms. Michele Stump, lawyer from Atlanta, with many years of activities in defending basic rights for Great Apes. The philosopher Peter Singer, founder of this Project, will continue to be the Chairman of the Board/Honorary President. 3) The Board of Directors, besides Michele Stump, will include Mr. Paco Cuéllar from Madrid, representing the European Community, and Dr. Pedro A. Ynterian, from S. Paulo, Brazil, representing Latin America. 4) The Board of Directors hold a yearly meeting, in different regions each time, and the next one will be in Brazil. The Board of Directors will have the responsibility to establish rules, proposals, and basic principles of GAP targets, and through her President will assume positions in front of the world debate about Great Apes. 5) Each ones of six areas where Project was divided will have the responsibility to establish efficient organizations under his or her control, that take all principles of GAP Project to every human existing society. With these and other operational decisions the GAP Project is no more a primarily North American operation, and will be a true International Project that will have the capability to defend the basic rights of Great Apes around the world."