GAP BRAZIL: Cecília on her way

Posted in 04/04/2017

Cecilia (Mendoza Ecoparque)

This photo is the proof that, after months of struggling to secure Cecilia’s release, her journey  to live with her peers in a non-exploitive environment, unlike where she lived for over 19 years, finally began.

Cecilia is going from Mendoza to Buenos Aires on this date and from there, early tomorrow, she will board on a plane from Lan Chile to Guarulhos airport, in São Paulo, where she will arrive around 9:00 a.m.

Along with her is a delegation from Ecoparque de Mendoza (formerly the Zoo of Mendoza) and the Secretary of the Environment of the Mendocina Province, who at all times gave a firm endorsement to the liberation of Cecilia.

After arriving at the airport and complying with the rules of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Federal Police, her permanence in Brazil will become official and she will continue the journey by truck to theGreat Apes Sanctuary of Sorocaba, affiliated to the GAP Project.

Tomorrow – April 5th – will be a historic day in the World Fight of the Great Apes for their basic rights in human societies!

Dr. Pedro A. Ynterian

Secretary General, GAP International Project