Posted in 06/11/2008

Brasília – On November 4th, GAP Project and ANAMI Institute participate, together with Animal International Alliance, World Society for the Protection of Animals, Animal Defenders International, Pro Animal, Madu, Vegetarian Society and other animal defense organizations, of a public manifestation on the Deputies Chamber asking for the approval of the bill proposal 7.291/2006, which intends to establish the prohibition of the use of animals in circus in Brazil.

Representatives of the organizations visited several deputies\’ offices and left with the politicians diverse material that prove the mistreating suffered by animals in circuses. They asked that the politicians analyze the bill proposal as soon as possible, as long as it reflects the will of the majority of Brazilian population – some recent opinion polls promoted by TV programmes (Fantástico, TV Globo), newspapers (Correio Brasiliense), Ibama (Brazilian Institute for Natural Resources) and the Deputies Chamber itself showed that more than 90% of the people who voted affirmed they are against the use of animals in circus, classifying it as a unnecessary practice.

When the group delivered the material to Deputy Frank Aguiar, member of the Commission that are analyzing the proposal and one of the creators of the Parliament Group in Defense of Brazilian Circus, the representatives made it clear that the animal defense organizations are not against the circus activities. On the contrary, the intention is to support is as a traditional cultural manifestation and it was demonstrated that such an old and lost practice of using animals in circuses shows can no longer be accepted.