Drones for great apes’ protection and conservation

Posted in 31/03/2023

Gorilla (UN/YOG)

Unesco announced earlier this year the launch of a drone project that will help monitor the health and changes in natural habitat of great apes in Africa and Asia.

In partnership with the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle (France) and the Sebitoli Chimpanzee Project (Uganda), the UN agency is enabling technicians of 20 Biosphere Reserves and World Heritage sites in 11 countries to collect relevant scientific data. Among them phenology of the species, their food sources, the location of any nests, potential areas of conflict with populations and signs of deforestation or habitat fragmentation. 

The survey, analysis, and comparative study of the data will be very important to strengthen protection and conservation efforts to protect of our closest relatives in the animal world.

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