Documentary “Persona no humana” begins its premiere at festivals and cinemas

Posted in 15/04/2022

April 15, 2022.- The documentary film “Persona no humana,  in which GAP Project has had an important participation, premieres at the International Documentary Festival of Valencia

The next Sunday 8 (21:00) and Monday 9 (18:00) of May. From there, the journey begins at festivals around the world and screenings in movie theaters and other places where it is interesting to watch.

Its Directors, Alex Cuellar and Rafa G. Sánchez, will be giving timely announcements of the premieres of the film that we will post on the web.

“Persona no humana” (Non-human person) will break philosophical schemes, alter our minds and stir consciences by supporting a great ape law necessary for our non-human hominid brothers.

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