Posted in 04/09/2008

Cuba is going to send to Venezuela several animals from zoos, among them a lion, a hippopotamus and a teenager giraffe, in exchange to veterinary equipments, according to BBC.

During and after Angola war, in which Cuba had an active participation, the country carried a lot of African animals\’ matrix/samples, aiming to reproduce and sell them to circus and zoos of the world. There was a time that they reproduced chimpanzees and the babies were taken away from theirs mothers and raised by human families until the time they got age enough to be sold.

According to BBC, Havana Zoo has an impressive reproduction index, with more than 700 zebras and 300 lions born in the enclosures during the last few years.

The complete list of animals that will be sent to Venezuela is about to be finished and there is the possibility, according to BBC, that it includes two hyenas and an antelope. The teenager giraffe that is going to Venezuela was named Evo, as in Evo Morales, Bolivia\’s President.