COVID-19: Rescued chimpanzees in Cameroon urgently need your help

Posted in 30/04/2020

(Children of Conservation)

From Children of Conservation

Every day,  committed employees work to protect and conserve endangered species. During this global crisis, they need our help. Children of Conservation is committed to ensuring that the forgotten first responders for wildlife in Africa are able to survive during the COVID-19 crisis.  With your help, together we can ensure that they have protective equipment to keep them safe and are able to provide day-to-day necessities for their families.

One of Children of Conservation partners is Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue, in Cameroon, and it is facing dire consequences if COVID-19 can not be kept away from the sanctuary. Read about the extraordinary measures they have been taking to protect the chimpanzees below.

Will you join us in supporting these dedicated workers who are putting themselves in harm’s way for the animals?  These compassionate and dedicated caretakers are locked down in their sanctuaries with the great apes they protect. They are separated from their families and communities to ensure there is no transfer of the virus to the animals. They are isolated, scared and need meals and bedding to bunk down in their workplace. Together we can provide them with some comfort to get them through these frightening times.

One of the sanctuary directors has explained the risk facing the primates these caretakers are working so hard to protect: “If Covid-19 were to get inside the sanctuary, we believe it would affect all of our chimps and could reach the free-living population of chimps and gorillas in the forest around us. Many would get severely ill, and some could die. It would be an unprecedented disaster.”

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