Rescue in Leme: Chimpanzee and lions are rescued from zoo and taken to GAP Sanctuary in Brazil

Posted in 14/05/2014

Se preparando para sair do zoo1_302x200

A male chimpanzee and two female lions were transfered, this Tuesday, May 13, from Leme Zoo, countryside of São Paulo state, to GAP Sanctuary in Sorocaba.

The rescue of the animals was possible due to a report made by Environment Police, which was sent to the Fauna Department of São Paulo Environment Secretary, which made it possible to take the animals out of the zoo that was not offering the proper care to the maintenance of the animals in captivity.

Check some photos of the rescue:

Se preparando para sair do zoo1_302x200 Leoa sendo levado para o caminhao1_302x200 Leoa Saleste anestesiada 1_302x200 Leoa Isa anestesiada1_132x200 Entrada parte interna do zoologico1_302x200 Chimpanzé Toto anestesiado1_302x200 Chimp Toto no recinto_267x200 Chimp Toto 1_302x200