Chimpanzee escapes cage in Angola

Posted in 07/03/2019

(portal da Angola)

A caretaker’s neglect at the Bantu Resort zoo resulted in the escape of a chimpanzee from a cage, last Wednesday, towards a public road, an unusual case that attracted the curiosity of those who observed, with some fear of mixing, the eight-year-old ape, reported the “Jornal de Angola”.

“King,” the name for which the chimpanzee is treated, went into the street after one of the men who takes care of the hygiene and feeding in the zoo Resort Bantu, left the cage door open.

The animal eventually crossed the Bantu Resort wall and went to the Expressway, crossing the lane in the direction of Kilamba / Cacuaco and circled from 7:40 a.m. to 8:20. on the roadway, in front of frightened stares of pedestrians and drivers. Following the uproar created with the presence of the animal on the street, some people launched objects, such as stones, against the chimpanzee, an attitude disapproved by the manager of the zoo, with the argument that “King” poses no danger for being “a gentle and obedient animal “.

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