Children of Conservation, Africa: Chimfunshi Community School Project, when conservation meets education

Posted in 18/02/2019

(Children of Conservation)

Chimfunshi is one of the oldest and largest chimpanzee reserves in the world and is internationally recognized as such.  The Zambian wildlife orphanage shelters 120 chimpanzees and employs and feeds 70 families – about 300 people, 150 of whom are children.  Chimfunshi is an important local employer that offers residents work as animal keepers, technical staff and service staff. Chimfunshi also contributes the local economy by purchasing food for the chimpanzees from local farmers.

Children of Conservation, the community and management of Chimfunshi in coordination with the Zambia Government developed a plan and capital campaign to build a Government Certified Secondary School. If the school was built, the Government would commit teachers and their salaries.

By 2017, Children of Conservation completed construction and opened its doors in June of 2017 with 67 students.  Today, there are 190 students enrolled in the school.  Without Chimfunshi Secondary School, the students would have to travel 42km to the next closest school.

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