Center for Great Apes (USA): New chimpanzees residents

Posted in 13/08/2021


Six charming chimpanzees arrived here recently from Missouri. They lived in Festus at a facility where several other of our sanctuary residents were born years ago before going into the entertainment business or becoming private pets. So, the newest arrivals already have relatives at the Center.

The original owner of the chimpanzees visited the Center for Great Apes in 2018, and at that time, she asked us to take her chimpanzees if she did not prevail in a lawsuit. Then last year, the owner settled the lawsuit on the condition that some of her chimpanzees come to our sanctuary.  After a number of legal issues, the court ordered that the seven remaining chimpanzees be moved to the Center for Great Apes this summer. Sadly, one of those chimpanzees (Tonka, 29) died at the Missouri facility before he could be moved to the sanctuary.

However… Tammy, Candy, Connor, Kerry, Mikayla, and Crystal were transported safely two weeks ago and arrived in good condition. It turns out that Tammy is the daughter of our elder chimp Joe (from the Tiger King), and she is also the older sister of our residents Murray, Jonah, Jacob, and Ellie….as well as the mother of our young chimpanzee Bentley!

In Missouri, they were kept in two groups: Tammy (Tonka’s mate) lived with Candy and Connor, and they appear to be very devoted to one another. Then, the two youngest females, Mikayla and Crystal, have lived together with the male Kerry for several years. Those three teenagers are energetic and playful and get along very well together.

As these six new chimpanzees and our CGA caregivers get to know each other, we are finding them delightful… and they are settling into their new home exceptionally well!

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