Center for Great Apes is celebrating 25th Anniversary

Posted in 01/09/2018

Originally established in 1993 as a permanent home for an infant orangutan (Pongo) and an infant chimpanzee (Grub) who were both kept at a Miami tourist attraction, the Center for Great Apes has to date cared for more than 60 great apes!  Our Founder Patti Ragan did not ever expect to have more than 10 to 15 great ape residents at the sanctuary.  But one by one they have come, and we have opened our doors and our hearts to more orangutans and chimpanzees who needed a sanctuary home.

Today, the Center is one of ten chimpanzee sanctuaries in the U.S. and the only accredited sanctuary for orangutans in North America. Our staff and volunteers have provided compassionate care for former circus and Hollywood apes as well as those coming from the exotic pet trade and roadside zoos. Just in the past year, the Center has welcomed eleven more great apes – six former Hollywood orangutans and five more chimpanzees.  With the support of our donors, we’ve recently expanded and upgraded our facilities in order to continue to offer the highest quality care in a beautiful and enriching environment.

So, please help us mark this milestone anniversary and celebrate our accomplishments that you, our members and supporters, have helped us to achieve!

To know more about CGA, the events planned for the 25th Anniversary and ways to help, click here.