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6th October 2008


Dear President,


Animal circuses


I write with regards to the forthcoming public discussion and vote to ban the use of animals in circuses.


The Captive Animals\’ Protection Society (CAPS), founded in 1957, is the leading UK-based charity working to end the use of animals in circuses. We strongly support the campaign to end animal circuses in Brazil and urge you to support the ban.


Animal circuses are a thing of the past – cruelty should no longer be seen as entertainment.


By their very nature, circuses cannot meet all the needs of animals due to regular movement between venues, temporary and inadequate facilities and the training methods used. Animals are beaten, kicked, whipped and punched to make them perform.


You will be aware that in August this year, the IBAMA had to rescue two chimpanzees, a rhinoceros, hippopotamus, giraffe, camel, ponies and several elephants from a circus because of the poor conditions. This is not the only time animals have had to be rescued. Just two years ago the authorities had to find homes for 68 lions abandoned by circuses across Brazil.


We would also ask you to think about animals like Gil, a chimpanzee rescued from a Brazilian circus when she was 13 years-old and taken to the GAP (Great Ape Project) Brazil sanctuary. The circus had taken Gil from her mother as a baby and dressed her in human clothes. At the sanctuary, Gil developed a very strong bond with another chimpanzee, Jango, who came from a circus in Minas Gerais and had been castrated and had all his teeth removed.


GAP have many more examples of animals rescued from terrible conditions in Brazilian circuses. Like 40 year-old Tuca, another chimpanzee who had been moved between circuses and ate newspaper to feed herself because nobody gave her food.


Every animal who suffers in a circus is an individual, each one with feelings and emotions.


And of course there are human victims as well. Such as the six-year-old boy killed by lions at a circus in Recife in front of his father.


The public are increasingly aware of these problems and prefer to see circuses that rely entirely on human skills to entertain.


Around the world, many countries have recognised that animals do not belong in the circus. Austria, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Croatia, Israel and Singapore have all banned wild animal acts in circuses and other countries have banned specific species being used. CAPS and other animal charities are working hard to end this cruelty in other countries too.


By banning animal circuses, the Brazilian Government will show that it cares: about animal welfare and about public opinion. Circuses that rely entirely on the skills of human performers can continue to amaze audiences young and old – all the fun without the cruelty.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information. You can also see the websites and


We urge you to support a ban on the use of animals in circuses.


Yours sincerely,


Craig Redmond

Campaigns Manager

Captive Animals\’ Protection Society

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