Book “Adam the Ape”: friendship between a boy and a chimpanzee

Posted in 14/03/2023

The book “Adam the Ape”, by Wolfgang Wambach, tells the story of the friendship between the boy Kenny and the chimpanzee Adam, who is exploited in a circus. The two meet and discover, among many other things in common, the ability to communicate through sign language.

From this friendship the author presents several issues related to the way we treat animals, in a playful and light way, ideal to be read with children and teenagers. In addition, the book also brings an epilogue with information about great apes and evolution.

At the end of the story there is a trial. Here is a small excerpt about one of its moments: 

“Indeed, Adam has lines on the skin of his fingers, just like we do!”, the Judge said, completely amazed. A murmur went through the audience – whispers that something like this was surely impossible (…) “Adam, you may show your hands to the gallery”, the Judge invited the ape. Adam became brave  and went through the rows of the audience and presented his fingertips to every attendee. (…) Adam suddenly felt strong, even though he was among so many people.

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