Baby chimp reunited with her mother

Posted in 19/10/2019

Sonia's thigh bone broken. Thankfully, a specialized surgeon was able to repair the damage. (PASA)

From PASA – Pan African Sanctuaries Alliance

Sonia, a 2 year old chimp, is her mother’s joy and the pride of her social group at Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary, a PASA member in Sierra Leone. It as a shock to know that Sonia’s life was in danger again.

She had her first harrowing near-death experience when she was only 8 months old – trapped in a storm, Sonia received a brain injury and went into a coma. We are so grateful for Tacugama’s expert staff who helped her recover completely. Since then, this brave baby has been playing among the trees of Tacugama’s forest enclosures with her chimp family.

A couple of weeks ago, Sonia’s caregiver found her limping and dragging her left leg behind her. Sonia was immediately rushed to Tacugama’s vet clinic where staff took X-rays and discovered that her thigh bone was broken.


When Tacugama staff informed that Sonia needed emergency surgery we were able to help the renowned wildlife surgeon, Romain Pizzi, travel to Tacugama, perform Sonia’s surgery, and give her all the one-on-one care she needed to pull through this terrible ordeal. Right now, Sonia is resting and healing. Fortunately she’ll be reunited with her mom soon.

Pulling Them Back from the Brink

Babies like Sonia and Tiki suffer injuries when they fall while learning to climb trees or playing with their chimp families. Babies like Jobo can become critically sick when their families catch an illness.

Because of you, PASA enables expert doctors to travel to isolated sanctuaries as soon as an injury occurs, and we send medicines to suffering great apes and monkeys when they need it most.

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