Amazing sculpture of orangutan Sandra

Posted in 08/01/2019

From Center for Great Apes

The annual Endangered:Art4Apes art contest to benefit the Center for Great Apes had over 400 entries this year of wonderful art on the theme of endangered animals, plants, or environments. Many of the entries are exhibited at Miami’s Art Basel week each year, and there are some incredible pieces there!  This year, one of the most amazing sculptures was “Sandra”.  (Sandra is an orangutan from the Buenos Aires Zoo in Argentina who was granted legal status and personhood – the first great ape in the world to achieve this legal status).
The artist and sculptor, Mary Engel, has used hundreds of metal objects to create this unique and very beautiful piece. Sandra’s lifelike hair is actually tiny copper chains! Mary Engel has generously offered to donate half of her sale price to the Center for Great Apes if any of our friends and members purchase this art. For more information, please email
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