ALERT – Deadly virus attacks monkeys in Cameroon

Posted in 26/03/2021


From PASA – Pan African Sanctuaries Alliance

Already under constant threat of rising COVID-19 cases in Cameroon, Limbe Wildlife Centre is facing yet another deadly virus.

It started suddenly when two drills (large, endangered monkeys) were found dead early one morning. Only an hour later, another drill showed signs of acute breathing problems, gasping for air and struggling to walk.

The Limbe staff immediately quarantined the sick monkey, but within days, ten more drill monkeys suffered similar severe symptoms and required intensive care from the Limbe medical team.

Despite the swift veterinary intervention, many of the hospitalized monkeys could not combat the infection for more than a few hours, and three others survived only a few days.

So far, COVID-19 tests have been negative, and this virus has not been identified. Further analysis is underway at labs in the capital city. No other species are showing symptoms at this time.

We are experiencing a calamitous outbreak among our drill population,” says Limbe Wildlife Centre Manager Peggy Motsch.

“The center desperately needs help to save the infected animals and prevent this crisis from growing, which could have disastrous consequences.” A large deficit in their budget from a year of closure, and now a veterinary clinic depleted of supplies, means that food and medication are urgent necessities. At any moment the disease could strike again.

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